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3.8: Lab 5 and 6- Primates

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    Your group will be assigned one primate from below. You will research your primate and give a presentation next week to the class. In this presentation you must provide your classmates with the proper classification of your primate (from kingdom to species), its natural geography (no, not including zoos and private collections), its natural diet (not what it will eat if you feed it), natural group behaviors, specific diagnostic physical features, and any other traits you find interesting. The presentation is worth 10 points and should last around ten minutes. During the presentations, you will fill out the same information for the rest of the primates listed on this sheet. This sheet will be due the following week and will need all primates described as above (including those not presented). This group activity is worth 10 points, and ALL MEMBERS OF THE GROUP MUST PARTICIPATE. Should a group find that one or more of its members should be “voted extinct,” please notify the instructor immediately.


    Two Collared Lemurs. Copyright: Josh Bousel


    Ring Tail Lemur.

    Copyright: David Dennis


    Red Bellied Lemur Copyright: Steve Johnson


    Crested Black Macaque Copyright: Lip Kee


    Bolivian Red Howler. Copyright : Nicky Jurd


    Black Spider Monkeys. Copyright: William Warby


    Baboon. (Primate Research Center, University of Wisconsin) Copyright: Anne Zeller


    Common Marmosets. Copyright: Jonathan Crowe


    Vervet. Copyright: Mark Johnston


    Orangutan. Copyright: Jim Bowen


    Gorilla. Copyright: Chuq Von Rospach


    Chimpanzee. (Primate Research Center, University of Wisconsin) Copyright: Frans de Waal


    Bonobo. Copyright: Douglas Fisher

    Information Sources

    3 Points of extra credit: Taxonomically completely classify the two primates below and defending your answer:

    4548285021_41b599435e_b.jpg Copyright: Allen County Public Library

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