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1.1: Welcome to Infant and Toddler Education and Care

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    Infant and Toddler Education and Care. ECPK 324 is an introduction to the field of infant and toddler childcare. Through reading the materials in the book and by participating in activities you can expect to explore research-based child learning and development; developmentally appropriate activities using a strength based approach; quality caregiving routines; and environmental influences on growth and development. Topics discussed in the text include:

    • Research on brain development
    • Children with special needs and their families
    • Interrelated nature of development across domains (social, emotional, language, cognitive, physical)
    • Dual language learners
    • Family partnerships
    • Culturally sensitive care

    Infant and Toddler Education and Care are: Introduction to Early Childhood Education; Child Development; and Early Childhood Learner with Special Needs. BSU students also need to be admitted to the Early Education and Care professional education program.

    Language Development & Early Literacy; Infant and Toddler Education & Care; The Creative Arts & Curriculum Design in Early Childhood; Childcare Programming, Administration, & Supervision; and Mentored Teaching Fieldwork and Student Teaching. Recent presentations include: An Early Childhood Bachelor’s Degree Program that Authentically Prepares the Birth to Grade-3 Workforce; Creating a Video Explanation to Improve Teaching & Learning; and Preparing Faculty to Effectively Mentor Field Experiences.

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