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3.5: Theories of World Politics - Neoconservatives

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    Historical and political analysts such as Robert Kagan give the U.S. credit for building and maintaining an orderly world system in the post-WWII era with military power and U.S.-led international organizations such as NATO, the World Bank and the IMF. Other neoconservatives are aggressive militarists and take a moralistic view of world politics as a battle between good and evil. Thus, Bush 2 referred to Iran, Iraq and North Korea as, “The axis of evil.” Unlike traditional hawks, who focus on national power and sovereignty, the neocons feel that our values of democracy, human rights, free enterprise and free trade are desired by all peoples and that it is our responsibility to spread these values worldwide.

    Within the Bush 2 administration, a group of neoconservatives emerged who believed in using U.S. military power to change the regimes of foreign countries into capitalist democracies. This was the group (ironically, including former Realist Dick Cheney) behind the disastrous 2003 Iraq war.

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