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3: Conducting Career Research

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    Learning Objectives

    • Inventory online resources to research career information.
    • Recognize current labor market trends and the changing workplace.
    • Use informational interviews as a way to research careers.
    • Explored professional associations as a means to collect career research and network with industry professionals.
    • Examine diversity in the workplace.

    Welcome to Phase 2 – “What’s Out There?This phase entails conducting career research. Engaging in career research will provide you with additional information and resources to assist you in better understanding the world of work and where you see yourself fitting in. This unit will require online research and self-discipline to navigate several career resources. Engaging in the career research process will help you outline your career ideas and help organize the process.

    As you research career information, make note of tasks, work environment, skills, job outlook, necessary training, and salary information. Analyze this information with the results you gathered from Unit 2 in regards to your interests, skills, personality, values and strengths and make connections. Start asking yourself, “Where do I see myself fitting in within the world of work?” As you research career information, you will also want to research industry expectations. This entails researching the job market and looking for open job applications and learning what the minimum qualifications are for employment. The more you know about industry expectations, the more prepared you will be to meet industry demands.

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