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2.4.3: Disabilities, Developmental Differences, and Chronic Illnesses

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    Share books with main characters living with disabilities, developmental differences, and/or chronic illnesses throughout the season or year, not only during certain awareness months. Choose books that portray characters with disabilities as dynamic, unique individuals and not as flat, stereotypical, or “weird” children (Dyches et al., 2018). Look for books in which strongly developed, likable characters with differences positively interact or work together toward a goal and those that accurately and sensitively convey the difficulties of living with a disability, developmental difference, or chronic illness without treating the individual as someone to be pitied or protected (Dyches et al., 2018).

    For more strategies related to creating inclusive storytimes, read about facilitating storytimes for Families of Children with Differing Abilities or Cognitive Differences in 5.4.2: Improve Support for Historically Underserved Groups.

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