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6: Interpersonal Communication

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    In this chapter, we discuss the meaning of interpersonal communication and explore communication climates, friendships, romantic relationships, family, and conflict management.

    • 6.1: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
      To establish satisfying interpersonal relationships, we must be willing to self-disclose.
    • 6.2: Communication Climate
      Confirming and Disconfirming Climates are the two extremes that our interpersonal relationships fall between.  Let’s look at how we and others create either a confirming or disconfirming climate by using--or failing to use-- three types of messages.
    • 6.3: Friendships
      Friendships are voluntary interpersonal relationships between two people who are usually equal and who mutually influence one another.
    • 6.4: Romantic Relationships
      Like other relationships in our lives, romantic relationships play an important role in fulfilling our needs for intimacy and social connection.
    • 6.5: Family
      The third primary type of interpersonal relationship we engage in is that of family. In this section, we discuss the characteristics that define this relationship.
    • 6.6: Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace
      Interpersonal skills are essential in the Workplace for accomplishing tasks and building strong relationships with colleagues.
    • 6.7: Conflict Management
      So think back and ask yourself, “How well do I handle conflict?” As with all areas of communication, we can improve if we have the background knowledge and the motivation to reflect on and enhance our communication skills.


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