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4: American Indian/Native American Studies

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    • Melissa Leal & Tamara Cheshire
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    By Dr. Melissa Leal and Dr. Tamara Cheshire

    Learning Objectives
    • Analyze and articulate concepts such as decolonization, sovereignty, self-determination, imperialism, and settler colonialism as analyzed in Native American Studies/American Indian Studies.
    • Identify Indigenous Ways of Knowing and recognize theories and knowledge produced by Native American/American Indian communities to describe critical events, histories, cultures, intellectual traditions, lived-experiences and social struggles with emphasis on agency and group-affirmation.
    • Critically analyze the intersectionality of race, class, gender, sexuality, tribal citizenship, sovereignty, and language in Native American/American Indian communities.
    • Describe the historical and contemporary experiences of Native Americans/American Indians in the United States and critically review how struggle, resistance, solidarity, and liberation, are relevant.
    • Describe and actively engage with anti-racist and anti-colonial issues and the practices and movements in Native American/American Indian communities to build a just and equitable society.

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