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8.5: Engaging Families

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    Teachers can make the following suggestions to families to facilitate their support of history and social science

    • Use science learning as an opportunity to involve families by inviting them to the program and by sending home suggestions for activities that they can do with their children.
    • Communicate to families their important role in supporting children’s curiosity and the development of scientific knowledge.
    • Share with family members your approach to science and how you support children’s development of inquiry skills.
    • Invite family members to come and talk with the teacher and children about their beliefs and connections to nature
    • Share the importance of active hands-on explorations of objects and materials
    • Inform families about children’s explorations and experimentations with objects and materials.
    • Involve family members as volunteers and rich resources in the preschool environment.
    • Provide families with enrichment and follow-up activities they can do with children at home.
    • Ask families about children’s previous experiences, cultural beliefs, and theories about living things.
    • Share with families children’s experiences with science in the classroom.
    • Remind family members of the many opportunities to engage children in life science explorations outside the preschool environment.
    • Provide family members with tips to support children’s awareness and understanding of their natural environment.[1]


    [1] The California Preschool Curriculum Framework, Volume 3 by the California Department of Education is used with permission

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